Sunday, November 19, 2006


Winter is certainly comingWinter is certainly coming


Samedi, je suis allé prendre des photos. Mais ce n'était pas un place special. Je passe ce parc tous les jour pour aller au travail. Mais je n'ai pas pu m'arrêter parce que je travaille du matin jusqu'au soir.
J'y suis donc allé, mais il n'y avait pas beaucoup de chose à prendre. Enfin, j'ai pu mettre qu'un peu de photos somme ci-dessus. J'espère visiter un place qu'il y a des beaux objets la semaine prochaine.

I went taking photos on Saturday. But it wasn't special place. I pass this park eveyday when I go to work place. And I see trees turning red and yellow, and wanted to take some photos. Unfortunately, I work from morning to evening. So I didn't have time to stop and take some photos.
I finally went to the park and took some photos. But there were not so many things to take. Most of the trees which turned the color are at arond the park, at the center of the park, most of the trees didn't have leaves. So I could only take photos like above. I hope to visit some other place that there are good objects!

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